Corporation, LLC & Partnership Books and Records


Avoid Late Penalty Fees and possible loss of your entity name.

Now is the perfect time to avoid possible late penalty fees and to start thinking about the maintenance of your entity records. With the new year beginning; Corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships formed in previous years will be filing annual reports, biennial reports and or making annual tax payments.

Many important due dates and deadlines depend on the Corporation, LLC or Partnership’s state of formation, fiscal or calendar year and your entity’s formation date.

We can assist you with your Minute Book, Corporate Seal, or any other necessary report or document relating to your entity.


Reinstating a company is the process of returning a company that is in default or revoked status back to good standing within the entities state. Reinstatement is an option for owners that want to continue using the same entity and it’s bank accounts and Federal Tax ID number.

In addition, by reinstating your entity, you will continue to have the liability protection of a Corporation or LLC.

TEAM Legal Document Services can assist you with the reinstatement process.