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TEAM Legal Document Services will provide you a complete Estate Planning Services for your Living Trusts, Wills and Power of Attorney comprised of the following:

  • THE REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST creates the trust entity and is tailored to meet the unique needs of your family and circumstances.
  • THE POUR OVER WILL automatically transfers any remaining assets or property not previously transferred into the trust.
  • THE DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY for financial affairs gives you peace of mind to know the person you designate will manage your affairs during periods of incapacity.
  • THE DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE allows you to appoint a person to make important decisions about your medical care, including your right to withhold certain medical treatments in certain circumstances.
  • THE LIVING WILL (a separate document in some states) is an optional document that formally expresses your wishes to forgo extraordinary medical treatment when you become terminally ill.


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Whether you are single or married, a living trust is a vehicle for you to transfer your property after your death to whomever you want to have it, without any attorneys or court involvement. The people who inherit your property can avoid probate; that expensive, time consuming process required of most wills.
To avoid probate a person or married couple can place their assets in a "trust" while keeping full control over their property. The trust creates an entity where assets can be placed for normal use during your lifetime and then be available for distribution to anyone you select after your death. You can alter your living trust anytime during your lifetime and even revoke the entire trust if you choose.

According to a respected California law firm, there are several circumstances when an individual might want to create a living trust.

  1. NO PROBATE. A Living Trust can provide the court-supervised administration of distributing your assets and paying your debts. In many cases, a court supervised administration of your estate at your death is simply not necessary.
  2. NO DELAY AND NO ATTORNEY FEES. Since the estate will not be going through the Probate process, your beneficiaries will have access sooner to the estate proceeds without the need for attorney assistance.
  3. PRIVACY. A Living Trust is not a matter of public record, or on file with the court.
  4. TAXES. A Living Trust has much more flexibility in saving taxes than does a simple will.


We prepare a complete Living Trust package for our customers. The package includes a the Living Trust,  Pour-Over Wills, Durable Power of Attorney for Conservatorship and Health Care and all notarizations. Call now for low pricing!

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in putting your affairs in order.


Whether you are single or a member of a couple, you do not need an attorney or an estate planner to help you prepare your own basic living trust.

According to Nolo Press, the self-help legal authorities, "a basic living trust enables people with small or moderate estates, in estate tax terms, those with a net worth of less than $5,000,000 to transfer their property after their death to whomever they want to have it, without any attorneys or court involvement. The people who inherit your property can avoid probate, the expensive, lawyer-ridden process required of most wills.

The living trust vehicle also enables more prosperous couples, with a combined estate worth over the $5,000,000, to create a living trust that both avoids probate and saves on estate taxes. This type of trust is called an AB trust or, occasionally, a "living trust with marital life estate".

Any intelligent person can create a valid, effective living trust. You don't have to be a nuclear physicist, or an attorney. Despite what some people claim, you don't need a team of lawyers, accountants or financial planners. For most people, there is nothing difficult about preparing a living trust. After all, you simply want to transfer your own property after your death to those you want to have it, without involving lawyers and courts.

With the aid of a legal document service, such as TEAM Legal Document Services, most people can safely create their living trusts, without any need for a lawyer.
We'll show you how easy it can be.


Death taxes worry many people. But federal estate taxes which apply only to people who leave more than $5,300,000 worth of property have never affected a sizable percentage of the American public. This year, it's estimated that only a small percent of adults who die will have estate that are worth more than $5,300,000 and therefore are taxable.

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