Name Change

Name Change

We can help file your legal name change without lawyers

A name change by Court Petition is accomplished by completing a few forms and filing these with the Court. Then a short notice stating that you are changing your name must be published in a local newspaper. Unless someone objects, your name change will normally be approved easily.

There are three basic steps to having your name changed by a court. The first step is filing a petition in the proper court, along with any other required forms and paying the filing fee. In most states, the petitioner (the individual making the request) must publish notice of the petition in a local newspaper. Also, the petitioner may be required to notify specific individuals affected by the name change.

What are the legal requirements for a name change?

Residency:     Most states require residency in the county and state for a certain time prior to filing the petition (often at least 6 months).

Legal grounds:      A person cannot change their name in an effort to defraud any other person.

Jurisdiction:          A petition for name change must be filed in the proper court, which is usually in the county where the petitioner lives.


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TEAM Legal Document Services is a registered Legal Document Assistant. We are not a law office. We offer self help legal document preparation services. We do not give legal advice.  We offer computerized legal document preparation services for a wide variety of needs.

For over 20 years we have been dedicated to providing accurate document preparation services at a low cost with excellent customer service. We continue to assist our customers with WILLS, LIVING TRUSTS, INCORPORATIONS, PARTNERSHIPS, DIVORCES, CUSTODY ORDERS, NAME CHANGES. There are over 50 different areas of assistance that we can help you with at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

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